Authorship and Confessions

5. “I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t chubby. Like being Indian, being chubby feels like it is part of my permanent deal.”

In the opening lines of Augustine’s Confessions, Augustine begins to define us humans as being born to praise God. It is in our blood, out history, our intrinsic values, he claims. We bear the mark of death to subdue any pride, and yet we still yearn to praise God. Our hearts find no content unless they have love, unless they praise God. Here, Augustine seems to say that, be it directly through God or through others, the love and praise we show is a direct correlation to our identity. The author in example five states in his/her opening lines what also appears to be a statement of identity: something intrinsic to one’s nature. It is permanent, like Augustine says our desire to praise God is, and thus becomes worth great value to us.


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