Later Controversies: The Trinity

In  Arius’s Letter to Eusebius, Arius questions Eusebius about the reality of their faith. More specifically, he inquires what they truly believe about the Trinity, the three persons in one God. Many have always taught and believed that the Father came before the Son, and now they are being tried for heresy and some put to death. The teaching now is that the Son always with the Father and vice versa. In Athanasius’s Third Oration Against the Arians, the topic of Logos and the role it plays in the Father, the Son, and the Son’s knowledge of the Father’s plan for the Son comes up. Also, the controversy of the incarnation, being man and God at the same time, is presented and argued over. What I notice from this reading is the continued direct citation of text. While this can be useful in many research-type formats, with Scripture, the text must not always be taken literally. The text is divinely inspired, only an attempt to convey the true message of God, the Truth.


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