Genesis 27-33

In these chapters, we focus on Isaac, Jacob, and Esau. Isaac, the two sons’ father, has instructed Esau to prepare him his dying dish, but Rebekah, their mother, tells Jacob to do so. Jacob thus receives Isaac’s blessing and Esau plots to kill Jacob as revenge. Jacob flees to Laban to find a wife, upon Isaac’s command, and Esau marries a Canaanite. Jacob then has a dream where God says all will be his and He is with him. Jacob continues to Laban and serves two time seven years for his daughters. Leah bears four sons but God denies sons to Rachel. Rachel has her servant bear Jacob a son. Finally, after some back and forth of son-bearing, Rachel bears a son herself, Joseph. Jacob then leaves and forms a flock of sheep. Laban then chases and God tells him to not harm Jacob. They then agree to a covenant regarding land and Laban’s daughters. Jacob then sends for his brother, but learns he brings an army. Jacob then ‘wrestles with a man’ (possibly his own internal struggles) and is named Israel and all are his descendants. Jacob and Esau meet, converse, and part peacefully.


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