Revelation as Incarnational

Dei Verbum describes revelation as incarnational. The point made with this is that revelation and everything it provides is not something that can be formulated, worked through, and concluded through reason. It is not something that occurs after much introspection, much like a “Eureka!” moment with science. Revelation is brought to us directly from God Himself. Through Jesus Christ, revelation was brought to the Apostles, who then sought for the truth to be revealed to us as well. The word of God was written down by the direct followers of Christ in Scripture, which is then made incarnational because of its origin in those direct followers of Jesus. This capacity for revelation is handed down to us through effective transmission, the relaying of God’s word, unaltered, in its most pure form. Because of the pure origin of the Scripture, it retains its incarnational characteristics. Scripture is without error, and Tradition serves to provide that Scripture to all. Both cannot function without the other, and each is without error, making each divine and perfect in nature.


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